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Saturday, April 28, 2012Y
~*the 100th blogpost*~

let's celebrate *clap clap* i can't believe that i am actually so dedicated to my blog cause i nvr would hav thought i will actually be writing at least a post everyday. and it took less than 4 months to reach 100 blog posts. my blog gives me the platform to showcase my daily routines, and also given me a place where i can rant at anything possible. *inserts clapping sound*

hav to thank my loyal readers for reading my blog for the past few months. I'll continue to find interesting things to blog about though writing blog posts everyday is not as easy as it seems cause sometimes days are jus so monotenous...so once in a while my dear readers will hav to bear with me for some boring random blog posts.

currently, still busy writing my blog post for my Bangkok trip and looking for space to insert my purchases, i really need another closet! Bangkok post will be up hopefully by next week. so please be patient :)

muahz & hugz
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