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Sunday, April 29, 2012Y
~*Bangkok Day 1: sawadee*~

Arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport, it was my first time there. The last time we went to Bangkok, our plane landed in the old Bangkok international airport which is also known as Don Mueung international airport. Survarnabhumi airport was officially opened in 2006 hence it's been years since I last visited Bangkok.
*love the design of the escalator*

*pink taxi!*

The moment when i stepped out of the automatic doors in the arrival hall, I could feel the hot dry air. We hav chosen to come to Bangkok in the hottest week of the year. How lucky!! Roasted at a temperature of 40 degrees n was so desperate for water. Felt myself evaporating during the Journey from airport to the holiday inn express hotel.
*on the bus...stuck in the massive jam*

*our hotel is jus round the corner but it took 10 minutes to arrive*

*how exhausted my hb was upon check-in*
The first thing when I arrived at the hotel room was open the complimentary bottle of water n gulp it down. But it tasted really weird. No idea why.
*looks like a recycled bottle...ewww*

*our room for the next 3 nites*

*had to change into shorts cause it's super HOT*

Not only was I thirsty I was really hungry too cause it was 2.30pm n we haven't had our lunch but luckily mbk shopping center was jus five minutes walking distance from the hotel. Felt myself baking in an oven. Weather felt so dry n hot even the aircon inside the shopping mall wasn't as cold as expected. Went to the food court for our quick lunch cause we don wanna waste time as our stomachs r digesting itself d. The food there was surprisingly cheap!!
*pat thai which costs less than B$2*

*beef noodles...less than B$3!*

The variety of crepes for sale n they use real mango for my crepe. Yummy.

*fresh yummy sweet mangoes*

Didn't really buy much. Bought a wig n a pair of spectacles. I posted this pic on instagram n my frens got the shock of their lives. Some concern frens Whatsapp me to ask me is this for real. I don think I'll ever wanna cut my hair this short!

saw this interesting gift in a souvenir stall. wonder who would actually purchase this?? *thinks*

Dinner was in a restaurant located in Siam city hotel called spice & rice Thai cuisine. This hotel gave me a very colonel feel as though I was in raffles hotel, Singapore. Regretted why we didn't book this hotel instead. It's only around $80++ per nite. Cheap rite. But the location is not Tat convenient as compared to the hotel Tat we r staying now.

*vegetarian spring rolls filled with glass vermicelli and bean sprouts*

*herb and curry-flavored fished patties, served with chili-cucumber dip*

*light coconut milk soup with diced chicken breast and fresh herbs*

*pamelo salad with roasted coconut, prawns and shredded chicken breast*

*green curry with fresh leaves and spices, served with chicken*

*red curry with lamb*

*crispy fried garoupa with chili and garlic in tamarind sauce*

After dinner we went to pat pong nite market, nothing there attracted me hence zero purchase. There were guys holding small papers telling us Wat special services r being offered by those pole dancers in the clubs. I was so tempted to take a pic of those services but I'm afraid they will think Tat we r interested n pull us in. I felt like I was in a sauna. Super hot in the market. Was sweating n was so thirsty Tat I the only thing I wanna hav a nice shower n a glass of water to quench my thirst. We had to postpone our trip to the rooftop bar to the following day cause we were all so exhausted.

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