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Sunday, April 08, 2012Y
~*BBQ in Rimba*~

This is quite a spontaneous dinner which me n my niece planned over Facebook message. Literally it jus took us few msg to confirm everything about the BBQ on last Saturday nite cause we wanted to hav a dinner before she flies off to Singapore again.

Since crab has always been my favourite hence I was assigned to get seafood for the nite. It was quite a big task cause I forgot when was the last time I actually went to the market n worst still now the task is to get seafood. Luckily I've got great colleagues who r willing to help me get fresh seafood. Besides ah heng's 'contribution' of fresh seafood, there were already alot of other varieties for the BBQ like lamb, sausages, fish balls, etc. I've got great cousins too who did all the BBQ-ing n we can jus sit down n wait for food to be served. *loves them all*

*me and Emily*



*all the raw meat queuing for their turn*

*the poser*
*steamed prawns to nom nom while waiting for the food to get BBQ-ed*

*don like to get my hands dirty YET luckily i've got my hb to help me peal the shells for the prawns*

*this fish is quite unique, it actually taste like chicken meat and with a dash of salt before you BBQ it will make the fish even tastier*

*the BBQ crab*

*me nomming the chili crab ~loves~*

*the one and only crab BBQ-ed*

*preferred the crab cooked by auntie instead of BBQ*

*my cute niece*
There were sounds of thunder throughout the whole nite n we thought it was gonna rain anytime soon but luckily it only rained the moment we got into the car after the BBQ. *thank god*


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