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Wednesday, April 04, 2012Y
~*dinner at i-lotus*~

Well this is one of our usual dinner places cause my hb loves the curry prawns in coconut. Recently they r going into a major expansion of the restaurant to cater more people. Their business has always been good especially during the puasa months where sungkai n sahur buffets r served.
*My hb is always on his phone so I had to do something like taking snapshots of the surroundings to self entertain myself. *

*The asparagus is abit too old but the scallops are okie*

*sweet corn with crabmeat soup*

*the coconut prawns*

They also had new dishes but we r always stuck with the usual few dishes. I really wanna hav their all-you-can-eat lunch which is only $16.80. I'll need to make sure Tat I starve myself for a day so Tat I can make it more worth it.

I insist on tapau-ing the mango with pamelo and black sago for dessert cause I was so stuffed Tat I could eat anymore n I super love tat dessert there. It's simply delicious. It's a must-try if you visit I-lotus.


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