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Wednesday, April 18, 2012Y
~*evolution of my mobile phones 1998-2012*~

never actually realised that i've been using handphones for over a decade...12 years and counting to be exact. it has become something so important tat it's inseparable now. got my first handphone when i was in form 4 which was in the year 1998. i was lucky tat i did not hav to do much persuasion before i could get my very first handphone cause my dad found it easier for me to hav it so i could call him if i'm out early from school or tuition. hence, he got me this Siemens C25 cause he was a Siemens fan then. he thinks Siemens is a better phone cause Nokia is too 'fancy'. Initially, i opt for the Nokia 3210 but got this instead.
my very first and very last siemens handphone. classics of all classics, let's not compare it with the current phones which we hav. i'll go into wat the phone actually has...monophonic ringtones with the basic function of calls only cause at tat time we can't sms yet. i think i used tat phone for about a year plus then i changed it to the Motorola v3688. the clam-shell phone which is very much similar to the siemens c25 which i previously owned. it was a very sleek phone which was really nice to own one at tat time.
used this till i entered JIS. daddy got me the nokia 8210, which was a great leap from the old siemens cause this one has got games! and without the antenna though the ringtones are customizable but the ringtones has to be sent to the phone via a datacable.
how can i not hav mention about the famous game tat time...SNAKE...a super addictive game at tat time. i wonder how we all could survive with only 4 games in a mobile phone at tat time?
and won't even get bored of it. Nokia 8250 was my next phone model which is a variant of my previous phone and has all the features similar to the Nokia 8210 right from the shortcut keys from connecting and disconnecting calls to speed dialing. Infrared transmission was possible for this model. the selling point of this phone would be the blue lit monochrome display.
and the monophonic ringtone is customizable with the ringtone composer. monophonic ringtones were really a craze amongst the young generation then. we had to go online to search for these customizable key codes. anyone still remember these? the times when i went through the hassle of printing them onto A4 paper and slowly keying these codes into the ringtone composer. sometimes it's so hard even to distinguish wat song is actually being played.
not only does the ringtone industry flourished, those customizable wall paper and customizable operator logo were selling like hot cakes. i remembered having this free program to customize the background myself F.O.C. i think it was a rainbow if not mistaken.
my next phone was nokia 8310. i will strongly vote this for the best phone of all times cause the keypad is so easy to type with and it's super light. initially the original color which was bought was blue but then i bought the original customizable cover which was of course PINK.
all the functions are still similar with an additional of radio function and new games like Snake II, Bumper, Pairs II, Snowboard. still no improvements on the ringtone and at least we can finally use the great function of SMS. yipee...sending 10cents per sms at tat time wasn't something which i think was expensive. i can sent up to at least 100 sms each day...luckily i didn't hav to pay for my phone bills *yikz*

next up is the very special Nokia 8910...i think the coolest aspect of this phone is how the sliding mechanism works being the fact tat with jus a push of a button, the phone will spring up and you can answer your calls and wat's best is tat it's equipped with titanum casing. so stylo. Similar to the Nokia 8310, the display has a white backlight and is easy to read at night. The buttons are not actually lit directly, but through spaces between them. Looks nice, but not bright enough. finally has got bluetooth d which didn't work tat well. say bye bye to the stupid infrared.
here comes something totally different...colored screen!! *jumps in joy* it was the first product which uses the new Nokia Series 40 interface. Though it is only able to support up to 4096 colors but wat more can i asked for then? from black and white to colored...equipped with colored Java games like bounce and triple pop. not only was the screen colored, the ringtone is now with new polyphonic MIDI...i was totally contented. the first thing tat you notice is the awkward button layout which makes it kinda hard to message. The Nokia 7210, much like the Nokia 8310, goes with the FM radio approach however the included stereo handset must be plugged in to access to the menu. On the menu, you can then define preset stations or tune the radio manually. Those were the times when i actually listened to the radio. *inserts viva la radio by Lolly ~ viva viva la radio, how i love my radio, i take it with me wherever i go, how i love to hear the sound, i like to play it nice and out loud*
unfortunately, this was a very short-lived phone...one day we all went to do our exercises at the gym in school and we had to leave our phone in a box with the teacher however when we finished our exercise and went to take my phone which was supposedly to be lying around with the other phones was LOST...someone must hav deliberately took my phone *sobs* and i only had my phone for less than a week. i even lost all those cute little tassles tat i hang on my phone...tat's wat hurt the most.

my dad then bought me another phone which is the Nokia 6610 (cause he knew i can't survive a day without my phone) to replace my lost phone *jumps with joy* it's pretty similar to the Nokia 7210 but this one is more like a business phone. The display of the 6610 is the same as that used in other Symbian 40 phones being 128 x128 pixels in size displaying 4096 colors.
i still prefer my lost phone cause it's more stylish. forgot to mention about the infrared technology which was found in both the Nokia 7210 and Nokia 6610 as well. so pictures can be transferred. not long after the purchase of the Nokia 6610, they had a new accessory for it...the CAMERA. was so happy and got it without even thinking twice.obviously it didn't take good pics but it was an okie camera at tat time.

brought this phone to brisbane with me, then Hutchison 3 launched the 3G plans and it came with free phones...but 1 free 1. so i signed up for the plan and got this silverish big-arse phone which is the size of my palm when closed.
it has a build in of 64Mb memory and can download games online to play so say bye bye to 'snake'. the coolest thing is that you can video call with it and with the qwerty keypad it makes it so hard to send msg. the colors are not fascinating as well. not to forget they hav build in camera too which means i don hav to use tat stupid portable camera anymore.

obviously i didn't use this bulky phone for long. when i came back to brunei. Nokia 6230, is my next phone in line. a small phone with a built in camera is wat i will wish for comparing to the bulky NEC phone. my first phone which comes with external memory.
the start of Nokia N-series, i changed to Nokia N70. Running on the Symbian 60 platform, this phone is able to hav customizable themes and can even set mp3 as ringtones. Games for the phone can be downloaded from websites and uploading it to the phone. not to forget, the introduction of wifi for the phone.
next in line, the Nokia N95 which runs on the Symbian 60 3rd edition basically has all the function tat i ever wanted till this day. you can slide the phone on both sides. I am quite pleased with how the N95's slider mechanism can be used to quickly switch the browser between landscape and portrait modes and is able to play movies with it cause there's memory slot where you can upgrade the memory of the phone. pictures can be taken so clearly with the built-in 5mp Carl-Zeiss optics camera that can be displayed directly on a television. functions like air-plane mode was also one of the selling points. and with 16M color display, this baby is almost near to perfection. The N95's multimedia capabilities are almost legendary at this point. i'm still using this phone as my spare phone cause it's still working fine with all the functions which i still think it's usable. i even hav Zuma downloaded in it.
now, the worst phone of my purchase...i super duper regret buying this phone. the LG KS-20. i think the code jus misses a 'N' to make it LG KNS-20. super terrible phone. i had problems from the battery not charging to unable to detect my sim card. the reason why i bought it is cause i thought having a touch screen phone would be cool and i saw Jeremy using it during meeting, i think it was the LG prada tat he was using at tat time so i thought 'wow, wat a cool phone with stylish pitch black furnish'. so went to get a similar phone...LG phones...definitely not a good user experience.
finally the beginning of being an iPhone addict...my first iPhone...iPhone 3gs. initially i was doubting whether to get another touchscreen phone after my 'not-so-good' experience with the LG one. but i was advised tat the iPhone is a capacitive touchscreen unlike the LG which is resistive touchscreen. capacitive touchscreen helps to give the phone its ‘light touch’ interface. As capacitive screens don’t need much contact at all, u can swipe across them very lightly and get just as good a response as u would with a slow, full-fingered drag. By comparison, the vast majority of resistive touchscreen phones won’t normally react at all to a very light swipe.i bought the 32GB black color one cause white one was unavailable at the time of my purchase and i know i hav tons of apps to download hence it better to get a 32GB one.
let's welcome the phone which i am currently using...iPhone 4. got the 32GB in black one as well. though i wanted to get the white one this time but then it was not out for grabs yet.
i'm sure everyone knows wat wonders the iPhone can do as compared to the other phones.so i'm not gonna go into details about the specs of the iPhones. the sky is the limit for this phone. there's seriously nothing i would ever ask for in a hand phone. how mobile phones hav jus evolutionized within a span of 12 years. it seems we are getting greedier and greedier with the functions of a phone. slightly more than a decade back, we were so contented with jus having a game on the hand phone but now it's nvr enough apps to be downloaded. counted an average of jus a phone a year...so it's not tat bad. i guess my phone changing rate decreases when i started my working life and earning my own money. hehe. i wonder wat will my phone looks like in 5 years to come.

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