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Friday, April 06, 2012Y
~*friday is finally here*~

it has been a super duper busy and stress week for me. been working on so many reports and there are so many problems that needs to be rectified. Finally it's all almost solved *phew* so i hope that next week will be a better one. Well this weekend is gonna be quite happening, there will be a BBQ party (hopes that it won't be raining) on saturday nite, SCB charity run on sunday morning and sunday afternoon i'll be learning how to make cheese cake *yippee* can't wait...
had lunch at bandar in a cafe name cafe vitto.
well i've heard of this name quite alot of times but nvr had the chance to try it. initially i thought it will be those 'chinesey' type of kopitiam but actually quite spacious and clean.
they serve a variety of delicacies from around the world like char koey teow and asam laksa from penang, hokkien mee from singapore, etc.
i've heard good reviews of the char koey teow so i ordered the penang char koey teow with egg of course.
*obviously this is not as good as the ones in penang, but at least this char koey teow is alot better as compared to others. They actually fry it with clams as well jus like how penang koey teow is supposed to be*

Here are some of the other dishes which we ordered:

*full moon fried dry koey teow*

*the assam laksa which i think was not tat great*

*hav no idea who actually ordered this raw prawns which no one dares to touch*

Luckily it wasn't raining when I started my journey back to Seria. Hate driving if it's raining cause my wiper is not in good working condition. Gonna get it changed next week. Driving back to Seria can be so easy only IF there's dual lane highway all the way from bandar to Seria. Jus hate the single lane from telisai to sg. Liang. Especially if there's some big lorries in front causing all the cars to drive at snail speed, it's jus pure torture.
After a heavy dinner at kaizen, I'm sitting comfortably multi-tasking in the living room chatting with my parents, watching tv n blogging. A relaxing nite at home sweet home. *loves*


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