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Sunday, April 22, 2012Y
~*glittery blue*~

it was raining so heavily the whole morning, but luckily the rain stopped so that i can go to the manicure appointment at the saloon to get my nails done. the black varnish was too frightening and too gothic for my hubby. i think he prefers something more subtle.
i wanted to get my usual pinkish color for my nails today but the manicurist said that i should try something new and not always choosing the shades of pink or white. so she chose the electric blue base and glittery blue top from the OPI range for my nails. i think i've never applied blue since i started uni, baby blue was the first nail color that i've applied cause i used to love 'Baby Spice' from 'Spice Girls' and her nails are always baby pink or baby blue. i donno why i didn't buy the baby pink but opt for the baby blue varnish instead. then my dad saw my interest in nail varnish and he bought for my a set of nail colors with 5 shades of blue (ranged from electric blue to light pearly blue) from marks & spencer. was kinda blue crazy back then.
so here u go, my glittery blue nails which i think my hb hasn't got used to it yet. he didn't comment much but i can tell he still prefer nails of more 'normal' color. anyhow, i'm loving this blue now. will be applying more shades of blue in my next few manicure session. i think blue color actually makes my skin looks fairer *illusion*.

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