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Tuesday, April 03, 2012Y
~*gym NO more*~

I've always wanted to be dedicated to going to gym. Cause I'm not the type of person Tat will like to do exercises but since I've sign up for the scb charity run again this year I decided to do some exercise in preparation for the run. This time I decided to tag along with Robyn and Conia to go to this gym called TruFitness which is located in telanai.

Went straight to the gym after work n was caught in a bad jam driving to the gym. Not a good time to go there I guess. The location of the gym is not easy to find and I had to drive through a distance of rocky roads to arrive there. The surroundings of the gym does not look safe too.

When I went into the gym n asked the receptionist where is the locker room cause I need to put my bags n shoes, her answered was 'the locker room not safe'. I was like Wat an answer. N I need to get changed hence I asked her where can I get changed and she told me to go up to the 3rd floor. Then the guy showed me the spiral metal stair case to the third floor! I was wearing skirt n heels and they expect their customer to walk us the spiral staircase to get changed. I went to a tiny toilet to change into my gym attire. Though they hav alot of treadmill and bicycles but 10% of them are already in quite a bad condition. Well like Wat my hubby always tell me 'you pay peanuts, you get monkeys'. The membership price of TruFitness is relatively cheap as compared to Fitness Zone.

*conia doing the 'jiggle'. she loves it*

*my achievement for the day*

After doing a km on the treadmill and 2.5km cycling I decided to call it a day d n head home. I was so tired despite the very little exercise which I did. I felt abit nausea n felt like puking. I guess this is due to the lack of exercise. I was laying like a dead person on the sofa. Waiting to recuperate my energy before I can head to shower. I know Wat I did was not any tedious exercises for regular gym addicts but for someone who seldom does exercises then this is really a big achievement. Really need to replenish the sweat n energy I wasted. i guess i won't be going to the gym for sometime. will rather exercise at home...

*nourishing and replenishing myself with a cup of ice-cold birdnest #loves*

muahz & hugz
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