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Sunday, April 15, 2012Y
~*hard boiled egg without the yolk*~

The highlight of this weekend is the discovery of the yolkless hard boiled egg! As usual my mum will boil 'tong sui' to nourish her precious daughter... ME. Without much suspicious I drank the 'tong sui' n ate the egg slowly to avoid biting the yolk cause I hate how the yolk dissolves into the 'tong sui' n 'polluting' the taste n making the soup looks murky. Reason why I used the word polluting is cause I don like egg yolk n hence everytime I hav to make sure I bite the egg white carefully. Each bite has to be bitten with care. *over exaggerated*

N to my surprise!! There's no egg yolk. I screamed n questioned my parents why there's no egg yolk in my egg?! 'made in china' eggs?!! OMG! Must be some deformation of the egg or this is jus a special case but I've never encounter eggs without egg yolk in my whole egg eating career. I mad love eggs. They r like the NEEDS in my life. My parents both literally LOL by seeing my reaction (my eyes jus grew into the size of the egg n with a big 'O' mouth). The egg was actually done on purpose. They learnt this technique from a random tv show since they knew i will love it. So they tried the painstakingly technique of removing all the yolks from the eggs and putting it back to the egg shell n steam the eggs before they boil it with the 'tong sui'. So touched.

I so wanna learn this technique n hence my mum taught me how it's done. I'm jus gonna try to make one egg so my mum prepared two eggs cause when the egg yolk is taken out then the volume of the egg will be lesser. Hence we need an extra egg to fill in the gaps.

Step 1: make sure the eggs are of room temperature so Tat it's easier to separate the egg white n the egg yolk.

Step 2: slowly n carefully use a fork to prick a small hole on top of the shell to enable the egg white n yolk to be poured out.
Step 3: then repour the egg whites back into the shell n put it to the steamer m steam for 20 minutes.
Step 4: peel the egg shell n ready to be eaten. Done.
Look. The egg without the egg yolk!! Marvelous rite? Stunning. For egg white lovers like me. Yummy. Say no to yolks. N it's good for people with high cholesterol too. I was so touched Tat I almost cry cause my parents actually went through this hassle despite how busy they were with their businesses. But my parents r so cute. They both really waited eagerly for my reaction. I guess they jus love to amaze their daughter so much.

Some of u may wonder Wat did we do with the remaining egg yolks. Well this is Wat the end product was. Wat a lovely Sunday. <3

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