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Monday, April 02, 2012Y
~*i NEED a maid*~

not only do i wan a maid, i NEED a maid. *desperation*. i know there are still a minority of people who are still reluctant to hire a maid to help out around the house. they will be citing reasons like, not wanting a stranger to be at home, the maid might bring in a man to the house when you are out, the maid might not be cleaning the way you wan things to be cleaned, etc. well all these reason r jus a prediction of the things which may or may not happen. everything has a risk in it. even jus sleeping, there are risks like dying of heartattack, a burglar comes in and stab u with a knife, the ceiling might drop down due to poor construction of the house, etc. if it's like tat then why do we still sleep?

now my points of hiring a maid:
1) it's so stressful to get home and see 'work' tat's to be done like cups lying on the table tat needs to be washed, hairs on the floor which needs to be vacuumed, utensils in the basin from last nite's dinner which has yet to be washed, rubbish which are giving out odors and needs to be emptied and etc. imagine tat there's a maid to get all these meticulous things sorted out then arriving home with a pleasant sight of the home with all the 'work' done which makes the home more welcoming and more serene. It was even said in some articles that coming back home from work and seeing a tidy home can help to lower the blood pressure.

2) instead of spending time cleaning, washing, vacuuming, these time spent can be invested on other activities or hobbies. with the burden of cleaning lifted off your shoulders you can spend more time with your frens or jus relax on the couch without thinking tat 'after this i need to get the dished washed'. tat contributes to mental stress as well.

3) after a tired day of work, having someone to prepare home cook dinner is the best. you don hav to think of where or wat to eat. dinner is served and after dinner there's someone who will clean everything for you. all you hav to do is to move your lazy butt from the dining chair to the living room's couch and be a coach potato for the rest of the nite.

4) people are worried that maids will not clean the things as clean as they wan. but it's rather to hav someone clean the thing than to hav it undone rite? even if the maid didn't vacuum the floor properly well at least 50% of the dirt will be gone.

5) one more reason which alot of people will stress about is the maid might hav affair with your spouse. well if your hb can be having an affair with your maid then wat makes you think tat he won't be having an affair outside the home? if your hb is of so LOW standard to hav affairs with your maid then he is not the right guy for u. why give this reason for not hiring a maid? if tat's the case you should ask your hb to jus stay at home and be a househusband cause the moment he steps out of the house, he might be prone to having affairs as well...if it happens it happens.

conclusion: watever in life tat will happen, happens. we will all die one day so why not live life to the fullness. why spend the time in your life doing house chores? we should use this time to do something more worthy...

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