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Wednesday, April 11, 2012Y
~*Instagram + Facebook*~

Why would Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg pay USD 1 billion to purchase Instagram?? I guess there are alot of question marks which are appearing on all the heads of those business analysts.
Instagram started off being jus an iphone application and jus recently launched the application on android. Though it has around 27 million users to date, however, Instagram has not make single cent to date as it's actually a free application whereby you can you get it off your iTunes. Still do not know why is Instagram chosen cause there are actually quite a number of other photo-sharing app which actually has the 'share' button on it but Instagram doesn't. There's no Instagram website whereby i can actually see a bigger size of the image on Instagram. and wat's worst, there's even no Instagram application on iPad. Don misunderstand me, i'm not ranting about using Instagram, i'm an instagram addict as well. Instagram is a great application where i can jus snap pics whenever i like and then jus add filters and upload it for frens to see and comment but that doesn't make it a valid point for Facebook to purchase Instagram at this heavenly price of 1 billion when days before the acquisition, Instagram was only valued at 500 million dollars. Meaning Facebook actually paid double to buy Instagram.
Well, obviously whether or not Facebook purchased Instagram or not, we are still going to enjoy the same old Instagram before the purchase and who knows we will get more enhancements in the further. i'm sure Facebook has a valid point as to why 1 billion dollars was spent to purchase this application and is for us to find out in the near future. Who knows next time we can actually hav our pictures directly in our Facebook account when we load them on instagram. So it became a bundled thing. N comments from Facebook n instagram will be shared instead on two separate platform.


muahz & hugz
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