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Sunday, April 01, 2012Y
~*my birthday celebration: part 5*~

Hola! It's our second time at caliente but this time is with a group of my closest frens to celebrate my birthday. Received very meaningful gifts from my frens like spa vouchers, thann spa's lotions, n hello kitty goodies. They really know me too well *loves*

*our group photo*

Hsien Chun was acting like a Santa claus, he stormed into the restaurant without even saying hi. He jus took out the presents for me, Steph and Karen like 'nah!'. We were all quite astonished n was thinking Wat is actually going on. Apparently, he was too lazy to get presents individually so he got them all together n pass it to us at one go. Lazy guy. He got a bottle of vodka for Karen (which I think is reasonable), a crocodile game for Steph n a hello kitty castle for me! He really thinks I'm still 3 years old?!! I don mind other hello kitty merchandise but then a hello castle?! I like it anyways. *hello kitty forever*

*building castles in the air*

we ordered quite a variety of food, initially we wanted to order the paella but then the waiter told us Tat we will need to wait 1.5 hours for the paella! Quite unreasonable waiting time so we didn't order it thinking Tat the rest of the food would be faster. Despite the simplicity of the food Tat we ordered, it still takes 20 mins for our first dish to arrive and the food is jus distinctly average.

We ordered caliente wings but it didn't even arrive when we finish all our main course so Karen was quite mad at the service n made a complaint to the supervisor. He was nice enough to offer free desserts for us.

The staff were really nice but the food for tat nite was jus average but with good company of frens it really made the nite special.


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