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Monday, April 09, 2012Y
~*my busy sunday*~

started my sunday at 4.46am, so much earlier than my usual sundays where i usually sleep till at least 9+. woke up and prepared for the SCB 2.5km marathon. well this time it wasn't as stress as last year cause i know 2.5km will only take less than 30 mins and not much stamina is needed. arrived at the stadium around 6am and it was already quite packed with people. participants are so enthusiastic for the race, running around the stadium warming themselves up, while i was there sitting and resting still in my sleep mode. heard from hsien chun that the scb staff arrived there are 2am to set up the booth and everything for the run. *clap clap*

*the crowd in the early morning*

*looking 'fresh' and 'ready' for the run*

*yay!! GO GO GO...*

*the number of people joining the 2.5km run*

*me and the wongs*

*on ur mark, get set...GO*

while i was running, i was really glad i didn't hav to run for the 10km this time. i think i will faint running for the 5km too...the sun is jus so hot and keep blazing its sun rays at me. luckily for us tat the weather was great when we ran for the 10km...cloud all the way. if this is the weather tat i had to run for 10km i think i'll probably faint midway. i was so slow tat even my colleague's daughter of age 8 overtook me. i better practice for my HSBC night run which is going to be held this may.

*after the race...DEAD*

*managed to catch up with Jasmine after i grabbed my breakfast wrap from the Radisson's Booth*

*the medal which we missed last year...why didn't they hav medals for 10km last year??!!*

i dropped dead on the sofa the moment i arrived home, and after a nice shower, i went to dreamland but was waken up by the loud sounds of thunder and the pouring rain. i was glad tat the rain didn't pour when we were doing our marathon. woke up and went to Olivia's house cause she's teaching us how to bake this really nice cheesecake which my mother-in-law loves. it's really easy to make but then i guess washing is still a hassle for me. the recipe will be blogged later on.

*the end-product of the cheese cake*

dinner was at senja with my BFFs cause mariah is back. had such a great dinner, laughing our heads off at mariah's hilarious jokes. i guess we are really too noisy for the restaurant. we are also planning to join the HSBC treasure hunt together with hsien chun, karen and stephanie but not sure about the details yet. will be updating on the treasure hunt when i get more information about it. initially we wanted to order desserts after dinner but then we decided to head to swensen for desserts instead.

*topless 5...drools*

*us at swensen*

i nearly had a dramatic end to the day. after we paid our bills, we left swensen and went to the washroom...SUDDENLY...i realised my phone was not in my bag...UH-OH!!! i left it in swensen. i ran straight back to swensen with my heels, luckily my hb can run faster than me and wat's the luckiest thing is that my phone is there on the table cause the waiter haven't even cleared our table yet. phew...drama...i can't imagine wat will i do if i lost my phone. it's not the phone tat matters, it's the contents inside...my photos and all...OMG. *hugs phone tight tight now*


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