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Tuesday, April 24, 2012Y
~*my daily morning routine before i start work*~

i'm sure 99.9% of employees will not start work the moment they sit down on their desk. Correct me if i'm wrong about tat stats. Every morning, before i get seated, i'm always greeted by my plushies which was either gifts from frens or some random toy which i collected from McD happy meal.
Then of course first thing to do is to sign onto msn and check both the office and personal mail and while waiting for the pages to load (my computer is super slow and even a simple right click on the mail will take 2 seconds), i'll apply the 'mederma' which is actually a proactive gel tat will reduce the visibility of scar on my left arm. oh well...the scar was caused by the careless hairdresser in Rozad Saloon. Cause she someone used the iron thong and burnt my left arm accidentally while i was having my manicure down. The 2 year old scar is still there to remind me of the stupid lady. i had to go through my pre-wedding photoshoot and my wedding day with tat scar *sob sob* luckily my scar was not tat visible in the pictures. Well at least i hav a story to tell my kids or grand kids next time about the stupid lady.

oh ya, back to my daily routine...then after tat i'll apply the L'occitane hand cream so tat my hands will still remain smooth despite the dry air in the office. Now it's time to start working...


muahz & hugz
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