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Thursday, April 26, 2012Y
~*my skincare regime*~

this is a blog which i wanted to type ages ago but been procrastinating cause i don even know where to start or how to break my skincare regime into different segments. anyways, jus a brief story of why i love sk-2 so much before i embark onto my skincare regime. i'm the type of girl who hates to spend hours in front of the mirror applying foundation, powder, blusher, etc. i don mind once in a while like if it's a dinner date or going to some important events but definitely not a daily routine. my skin was really dry on the T-zone and it's always peeling and whenever i try to apply foundation onto my skin, i can see the dry flaky skin which was jus horrendous. i've tried alot of other products like Dermologica, Estee Lauder, Kanebo, etc but their moisturizers jus don work on my dry T-zone and it always appears too oily on my cheeks.

i've always seen the adverts on Sk-2 and their miracle water and i thought it was jus the power of advertisements. it always advertises an old lady in the sake brewery featuring her wrinkly face but very smooth and wrinkle-free hands. this was cause of prolong contact with the sakefermentation process. it took scientists 30 years to be able to extract the naturally-occurring liquid from the yeast fermentation process which is called pitera. the magic ingredient which is found in all of the sk-2 products is PITERA. Pitera is not a yeast extract, but rather, a metabolic solution generated in the fermentation process of a unique strain of yeast. This yeast ferment filtrate has been proven to increase the metabolism of skin cells which in turn restores the skin's renewal cycle leaving your skin smooth and translucent.

so one day, while walking a shopping center in singapore, i decided to try this product...*tadah~inserts drum roll~* Sk-2.

i told the sales lady wat my concern was, and she recommended me the skin signature and then she gave me samples of the toner and the miracle water to try out. hence i invested on a small bottle of skin signature and after jus one application of the toner, miracle water and the moisturizer, my t-zone was completely moisturized for hours...and it was even flaky anymore!! even the next morning when i woke up my face jus felt moisturized. i nearly cried with joy *over exaggerated* but i really nearly kissed the moisturizer and hugged the miracle water tight tight. good skincare does not need to wait months for the results...it acts instantly...

without hesitation, i stormed to the nearest sk-2 counter and grab the bottles of clear treatment lotion and facial essence to start my journey with sk-2. i did not get the whole range of skincare products from sk-2 cause not sure how long can i be dedicated to sk-2 and i'm not too sure how long will the miracle lasts. however, the longer i use sk-2, the more i felt confidence in it. decided to invest on more of their products like their facial treatment cleanser, facial treatment clear lotion, facial treatment essence, signs eye-mask, advanced eye treatment film, skin signature cream, cellumination deep surge, facial treatment UV protection, facial treatment mask and not to forget my recent purchase of skin rebooster.

Facial Treatment Lotion: completes the cleansing ritual by removing residual impurities and dead skin cells. It gently exfoliates as it helps to improve the texture and tone of the skin gibing a healthy glow.

Facial Treatment Essence: it also helps to stimulate the natural renewal process of the skin's outer layer to rebalance and bring harmony to the skin. It contains over 90% pure pitera which gives you a smooth, supple and radiant skin.
Cellumination Deep Surge: hydrates and refines the surface to boost skin's natural, healthy-looking glow and to help diminish the appearance of discoloration for a more even tone. it conditions and refines for a skin surface with more even texture and transparency that boosts light transmission within the surface creating a healthy looking natural glow. it permeates quickly into the skin and gives a light and smooth feeling when applied.

Facial Treatment UV Protection: not only is it rich in pitera, it also contains advance UV protection (SPF25) to provide more than the minimum recommended daily UVA/B protection level to help prevent premature aging. It leaves skin feeling moisturized, fresh and light. Best thing is that it has no added fragrance and color free.

Facial Treatment Mask: Provides intense hydration as the 100% cotton mask soaks skin with Pitera's fusion of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. immediately replenishes dehydrated skin, leaving it refreshed, cool and supple.
Skin Signature Moisturizing Cream: helps restore firming moisture, smoothness and radiance.
Skin Rebooster: a moisturizing daily gel-mask which gives dehydrated skin intensive moisture.

Advanced Eye Treatment Film: provides an immediate and luxurious moisture boost to help revitalize the eye area. This lightweight serum hydrates target areas intensely, visibly improving the youthful look around the eyes. Nourishes delicate eye contours, which helps reduce the look of dehydration lines.

Signs Eye Mask: to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area. A soft 100% cotton mask drenched with moisturizers and enhanced with pitera hydrates deeply, smoothes fine lines and revives the eye area.

My morning routine:
i cleanse my face jus with tap water, then pad with facial treatment lotion and gently wipe over T-zone, followed by U-zone and neck avoiding the eye area. Generously apply the facial treatment essence on my whole face and pat them lightly so tat it will absorb the essence. Cellumination Deep Surge will be used as a moisturizer in the morning. Finally, the Facial Treatment UV protection is applied.

My evening routine:
Cleansed my face with the Facial Treatment Cleanser, then pad with facial treatment lotion, followed by the facial treatment essence. Apply the Advanced Eye Treatment Film around the eyes. I use a different moisturizer at nite, Skin Signature Cream.

Once a week
After the Facial Treatment Essence, place Facial Treatment Mask onto eye area first, then carefully spread it to the rest of the face. Make sure mask fits well onto skin, then relax and remove mask after 15-20 minutes. Then apply the Skin Signature Cream.

Once a week.
After the Facial Treatment Essence, instead of using the Facial Treatment Mask, i used the Signs Eye Mask with the film-cover side up, the broader end meeting the outer corner of the eye. Remove the film then leave the mask on for approximately 15 minutes. Finalized the regime with the Skin Signature Cream.

Twice a week.
After the Facial Treatment Essence, instead of using the Facial Treatment Mask, apply the Skin Rebooster and leave it for about 10-15 minutes then use the provided special wipe sheets for gentle dead cells removal in the outward direction. Apply the Skin Signature afterward. it's meant to be used everyday but i'm jus too lazy sometimes.

There u go...my skincare regime...enjoy sk-2 *loves from a loyal sk-2 user*


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