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Thursday, April 12, 2012Y
~*need a break, but doesn't need a kit kat*~

worked till nearly 12 midnite last nite and had to continue the report today. so damn stressed and tired this whole week...i really really wish this week can jus drift by as soon as possible. how i wish i can hav a time machine whereby i can jus go to the future...not greedy...just few days later will do. or i think i'll need to hav the ability to split myself into few weinnies.

heard about the 8.7 magnitude earthquake in Ache, Indonesia and then there's widespread panic and prompting tsunami alerts around the region like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Luckily, the alerts was already lifted at 10pm yesterday.

wat's worst is that there are some B*stards posting youtube video of Penang Tsunami 2004 and stating that is actually happened yesterday. Wondering wat's on this fagot's mind. does posting a fake video giving fake information of any entertainment to u?

Anywayz, yesterday was June's birthday, though we were super busy but we still manage to get her a cake. Well it wasn't too much of a surprise cause we asked Roberto to go help get the cake for her but then Roberto asked June to drive him to Bakerlyn Cake Shop to collect the cake. *sweats* but i'm sure she's still happy with the 'expected' surprise.

*we were all being cheapo, got her two cakes for her birthday*

*according to Roberto, a pig face was actually missing*

* initially, we wanted to take a all-lady's photo but superstitious has it tat we can't take picture of jus three people in it, hence the substitutes behind*

*now our all-lady's photo* #success

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