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Friday, April 20, 2012Y
~*next stop: trafalgar square*~

Trafalgar square?? wished tat i am really there now but not at the moment...I'm obviously still in Brunei. :)
*the real london tube*

Recently, there's a newly opened restaurant which is located along the street of Jalan Tutong called Bayswater. It was previously known as Babu's corner, however it somehow got revamped, now the restaurant is creatively themed to look as though you are boarding the london tube jus with additional tables and the bright blue seats.
*Big maps of the London's tube stops, posters and stickers to enhance the already decorated restaurant*

*me and my 'award'*

The typical table numbers are given new names like Trafalgar Square, Bakers Street, Rayners Lane, etc. named after the list of London's underground stations.

* reminiscing his uni days in London: waiting for his next stop...Russell Square*

Unlike most diners which invariably serve only American food such as burgers, fries or sandwiches; Bayswater is able to expand the menu to serve food like kebabs, wraps, pitas, salads, etc. We were quite spoilt for choice, couldn't decide whether should i opt for the Camden Lock Peri-Peri Chicken which can be served with Pilau rice or Thames Burger. Even jus choosing the Thames Burger, we have choices of BBQ chicken fillet, Chicken Tikka of Beef. We can even customized it to be a single or double decker. Anyhow, both of us ended up with Thames burger jus with different chicken patty.

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