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Thursday, April 19, 2012Y
~*pink samsung note*~

A pink samsung note! Saw this beauty on fb this morning and it's jus fabulous. This 'phablet' (new term for a phone+tablet) was recently launched in south korea but it's yet to be available in Singapore. I can't seem to find any reason for myself to get this beauty.

I'm a very strong iPhone supporter and I don think I'll get use to using any android phones at the moment. N the fact Tat i already hav an iPad so I really can't find any justification for Tat purchase. The main reason why it's a wow for me is cause it's pink! From the casing to the phablet n the stylus...all in pink! How I wish iPhone can launch a different color for iPhone 5...pink perhaps. Since iMac has so many different colors why don they do the same for iPhones as well. Black n white is jus so plain boring. So I sincerely pray Tat there will be a pink iPhone soon so Tat I don hav to be contemplating whether to get the samsung note as my secondary phone or not. *thinking mode: ON*


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