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Saturday, April 07, 2012Y
~*the power of an APPLE*~

Reading about the massive queues everytime apple launches a new product like iPhone or iPad is nothing new d. How people are always desperate to own an 'apple' gadget has always been a known thing but this is a more desperate case for this 17-year old boy living in a poor city in Anhui province, china, who actually reached the point of desperation Tat he sold a kidney so Tat he could hav money to get himself the iPad n iPhone! However now this poor boy is suffering from renal deficiency n all this jus for the iPad n iPhone. Is this really worth it? Many would say Tat it's not worth it and it's quite stupid for the boy to do Tat. But he's only 17 so the importance of his health might not be known to him as compare to his possession to the latest gadget in market. They r jus too poor Tat if they wanna save every penny it will take them years before they can actually get hold of the gadget. The boy might be already 30 years old when he can get them. A little bit overexagggerated? It's not! I've seen a documentary about those poor provinces in china whereby they only earn less than B$1 each day. Trying to make ends meet is already a problem Wat more getting an iPhone? So we really hav to treasure Wat we hav cause people in the other parts of the world might hav to sell certain of their body parts jus to get the 'wants' Tat we own.

On a lighter note, I really hope the boy actually paid for the original iPhone n iPad since there are so many pirated apple products selling in china. They even hav a pirated apple store claiming they are the original ones n even the employees thought they were working in the original store as well. Tat was really hilarious.

Here hoping Tat the boy can recover faster so he can enjoy his latest gadgets :)


muahz & hugz
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