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Tuesday, April 17, 2012Y
~*RBC Chinese restaurants*~

There's new ala carte dishes on it's Chinese menu for both Emperor's court and dynasty restaurant. The new dishes like wok fried fish fillet with assam sauce in claypot, wok fried prawn with oolong tea and many others are creatively created by talented chefs.

So tonight me n my hb decided to try out the new dishes at Emperor's court. Gladly they changed their old menu with new ones. jus took pics of the new dishes which were recently introduced.

Last Friday we headed down to dynasty restaurant for dim sum brunch. Oh ya, the best thing is Tat they r giving 10% + 15% = 25% discounts with the RBC card n Baiduri platinum. Isn't Tat great? Jus managed to get my RBC card from Baiduri bank this afternoon after so long. It's definitely worth the wait. :)
finished off my dinner with my favourite...MOCHI YOGURT...i mad love the yogurt, i guess it's cause it's not tat sour. i lost count how many times i've been to mochi jus this month alone. how i wish they will actually open another branch somewhere near gadong so that it's nearer to my work place and i can grab it after lunch instead of having to drive so far to airport mall to get it. today i tried adding longans to the yogurt, the sweetness of the longan combines perfectly with the sourish yogurt...*loves* so contented.


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