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Thursday, April 05, 2012Y
~*samsung galaxy note*~

There's a new phone package from B-mobile whereby customers are able to purchase a Samsung note at a very attractive price of $400 when you sign up to the smart plan $55 per month for a year, but you will need to pay $730 upfront which includes the handset itself as well as 6 months of rental. This is a very good deal because currently the price of the samsung galaxy note is selling $798 at qqestore.
Total amount needed to pay for smart plan 55 for a year = $55 * 12 =$660
Amount to be paid upfront which includes the phone = $400
Total: $1,060
if you minus off the total cost of the phone: $1060 - $798 = $262 (for 12 months phone bill averaged at $22 per month).
Well since now android has most of the apps which iPhone has like the recently launched instagram for android phones.

muahz & hugz
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