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Saturday, April 21, 2012Y
~*saturday nite dinner at Spaghettini*~

Our initial plan was to go to atrium to hav their buffet but apparently they don serve buffets on Saturday nite so we went to Spaghettini instead with my sis-in-law as well. The last time we went there was during our valentine's day dinner but now they hav new menu and no longer serve their usual pastas n pizzas. Everything on the menu is more to fine-dining.
*our amuse bouche*
We didn't order appetizers cause all of us r not too hungry so we went straight for the main course.

*crispy skin salmon, parmentier salad, sauteed shitake, pineapple salsa, sea urchin essence*
*grilled seabass fillet, seaweed linguine, crispy parsley, orange tree flavored butter*
*pizza frutti di mare - prawns, mussels, squid, tomato, mozzarella*

I thought we can still fit some desserts but after the scrumptious main courses, our tummy can't even fit a piece of macaroon.

I hope it continues to rain the whole nite cause it's nicer to sleep on rainy nitez. It felt so much like Sunday today, a very relaxing day indeed. Wanted to go for my manicure session but was too lazy to change it to tomorrow afternoon instead. For the mean time I painted my nails matte black from the nail varnish which I bought from Korea. I also bought a matte pink one but I haven't got the change to use it yet cause nowadays I seldom paint my own nails. Jus too lazy, prefer to get it done at the manicure parlor instead.

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