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Saturday, April 07, 2012Y
~*scb marathon here I come*~

Scb marathon is jus tomorrow!! Yay! My hb went to collect help collect the race entry pack for me which consist of:
* scb non-woven bag
* runner's information sheet
* exclusive event running t-shirt
* running pin with safety pins
* lucky draw ticket
Well last year they gave free hand sanitized as well but this year there's no freebies. N the worst thing is Tat when I participated for the 10km last year, there's no medals but this year they r giving medals to anyone participating 10km and above. *unfair* I wan my medal. But I didn't wanna join 10km this year cause after last year I'm so scared d. Better join the fun walk of 2.5km. But hav to wake up quite early cause we r afraid Tat theres no parking near the stadium. Don wanna do a pre- marathon before the real one. Hehe. Gampade to all the participants tomorrow. :)

muahz & hugz
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