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Monday, April 23, 2012Y
~*we not naughty*~

something which i so happened to find out while i was searching for the names of the cast to write this blog...when i was watching the movie, i thought tat the teacher in the movie 'we not naughty' is quite good looking and looks like daniel chan. but it nvr crossed my mind that it's really him till i saw an article online that it was really him the movie. who would hav thought that he will be filming a singaporean movie? now it makes sense as to why the teacher good looking then. i remember daniel was quite a heartthrob back in the 90s and he was always competing with Nicholas Tse but then later in the early 2000s, he like totally vanished from the entertainment industry so i haven't seen him on entertainment news for quite sometime. anywayz, he's still cute at 36 years of age. doesn't look like an uncle yet. hehe.

opps, sorrie i think i drifted too far. back to the movie, not sure how many of you still remember these two kids?

The two main casts for the movie, Shawn Lee and Joshua Ang are the two kids from both the movie 'we are not stupid' and 'we are not stupid 2'. these two familiar face has grown to cute looking guys.
*love this part, so cute looking here. i think guys always look good when they are formally dressed in suit and tie*

i know...back to the movie again. after a 2-year hiatus, Jack Neo returns to the big screen with his new movie 'We not naughty'. fyi, this is NOT a sequel from the movie installments of 'we not stupid'.
this movie focuses on family values and the social problems amongst teenagers in Singapore. another moral value which the movie try to tell us is, to always think positive no matter what happens as it may turn to a fine situation afterall. i would not say tat this movie is really hilarious and quite a lengthy movie as well. didn't really get why the girl in the movie keeps saying 'i love you' to her mum, though it was touching at first but she said like more than 20 over times 'i love you' in the same scene. but i really hav to salute the girl in tat movie who really had her cut in the movie...really a brave girl to be doing that.
i feel there are quite a few potholes in the movie which made it seems like it's not properly planned but it's a family movie afterall. overall, i love how Jack Neo tries to examines the problems faced by parents with their rebellious children in Singapore's current society and give awareness to these parents and making sure that they rectify this problem before it's too late. Don just shower ur children with $$ and material stuffs, it's your care and attention that they need :)


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