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Saturday, May 12, 2012Y

I know it's quite late d but I Donno why I can't sleep. Maybe there r jus so many thoughts Tat r going through my head now. There r jus so many things I wanna do in life but has not been accomplished yet and so many wish list which has yet to be completed. Hehe.

So Wat I've been doing is going through photos on instagram, news on Facebook. How I wish my phone can play Facebook games so I can be checking on the status of my games. Feel like having a bowl of Maggi curry with egg. But it's too fattening. So I better jus ignore my hunger n let it slipped away. 'cut the rope' recently had a new update which is called dj box. Will start playing it if I still can sleep after typing this boring post of mine which is of not much information. Basically jus trying to kill some time n trying to make myself tired n sleepy. I better sleep now cause it will be quite an eventful day tomorrow filled with bowling activities n pre-mothers day dinner. Sweet dreams n Nitez to myself.


muahz & hugz
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