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Sunday, May 20, 2012Y
~*4 hours of sleep*~

an extremely tiring day for me as i hav to participate in the NBT treasure hunt today with jus 4 hours of sleep the previous nite after the HSBC 'walk, run, cycle' event which ended at around 10pm. it started to rain really heavy when my alarm clocked when off at 4am this morning, the first thing tat came to my mind was 'can i jus pull out from the race and continue to tuck myself in the warm and comfy blanket'. however, i didn't do tat, i unwillingly pulled myself out of bed and prepared myself for the hunt.

unfortunately, we didn't win anything from the race but we won alot of laughters at our silly answers to the treasure hunt questions. oh ya and also alot of bruisers too. anywayz, will update more on the HSBC WRC and the NBT treasure hunt sometime this week when i recharge myself to full batt as i feel like i can doze off any minute now.

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