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Wednesday, May 09, 2012Y

Finally managed to get my tshirt for the hsbc walk, run or cycle. All thanks to mag. If it's not for her I won't be able to participate. When I saw rano saying Tat hsbc has already reached 7000 participants and are no longer accepting anymore participants. I grew panic attack cause I was at Bangkok at Tat time. So luckily mag managed to get me into the marathon. She was so funny, she told me Tat she got me a nice number cause it has got 8's in it... It's 5858. Well though Chinese love 8 but with a 5 in front it's meant otherwise. Well she's jus so funny but definitely didn't blame her. She knows minimal Chinese and it's jus a number. So it doesn't really matter. So grateful Tat I manage to participate in the event. *thanks mag!!*

the goodies given by hsbc is so much better than scb. Inside the goodie bag are:
1) tshirt
2) reflector
3) 1 week free trial at fitness zone
4) 50% discount voucher at pastamania.


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