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Friday, May 04, 2012Y
~*The Avengers*~

The Avengers: the movie which i've been anticipating since i knew they are going to produce this movie. Over the past few years, Marvel Studios have been slowly putting together the pieces in the puzzle to form 'The Avengers'.
Honestly, i really can't remember wat happened in all the super hero movies except for Iron Man, the rest of them i hav no recollection of how did Captain America came to the future or how did Thor came to Earth.

The Avengers (ranking based on my liking on the character)
Iron Man:
He's a self-described genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist with a mechanical suit of armor of his own invention. I've always loved Tony Stark, i love his happy-go-lucky character. The character is portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr. always love him in all his movies. he definitely stole the limelight.

Thor, the thunder god and it was said tat Thursday was named after him. Portrayed by Chris Hemsworth who is able to give audience a very manly image. Though Thor didn't get to speak much in the movie but his husky voice melts me instantly whenever he speaks as though he had a new capability equipped.

Captain America:

it's his look which attracted me. his acting is only a norm...not a break through so everything is jus quite consistent in him. there's jus no 'wow' factor in his character.

Though Edward Norton (the former actor of The Hulk) was replaced by Mark Ruffalo but i guess Mark Ruffalo did a good job by bringing hint of laughter to the movie.

As for both Hawkeye and Black Widow, i can't be bothered to explain their boring character. their characters should be replaced by stronger characters instead like Wolverine or whichever better ones.

The movie focuses on teamwork and how the super heroes should work as a team though there were conflicts in the beginning but they hav to learn how to cooperate with each other to defeat their foe and save the world. As far as i'm concerned, the movie lives up to the hype. it's a movie highly recommended by those who haven't watched it yet. the movie is action packed with a power punch. remember to stay on your seats when the movie ends cause you will get to know who will be the main villain in the sequel of The Avengers...Thanos.


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