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Tuesday, May 01, 2012Y
~*Bangkok Day 3: final day of shopping*~

Shopping in Rome, Paris, Japan and Istanbul, then lunch at San Francisco and desserts in the Caribbean...all under one roof! how issit possible? well everything is possible in Bangkok. today we decided to go slow in everything...not really in a shopping mood cause was abit exhausted from the weather. decided to go to Terminal 21 which is located near the Asoke stop using the BTS. Terminal 21 is unlike the other shopping malls namely Siam Paragon, Central, MBK, etc. Upon entering Terminal 21, we were greeted by security guards dressed in Pilot attires and we even had to walk pass the metal detector and security checks just like in any other airports. For security reasons, alot of shopping malls in Bangkok are doing the same too. Designed like an airport-themed, each floor has a country theme tat evokes specialty shops. Wat really sets Terminal 21 apart from the other shopping malls is none other than their toilets! The toilets are really worth your visit. i know it might sound strange to visit the toilet in each floor but each toilet is themed differently.

*the nice painting on the ceiling in the Roman-themed level*


Terminal 21, might look very high-class from the outside, but there are really no high-end stores inside. it caters more to tourists and thais who want to hav a good shopping ambience with reasonable prices.

*i think i should take up pole-dancing lessons*

*weeeeeeeee off we go*

*we enjoy molesting the 'samurai'*

*this is wat i call 'kiss ass'*

*stinky ass*

*very zen toilet*

*Tokyo-themed floor sells clothes and accessories for ladies which i presumed are imported from Japan*

*a giant Maneki Neko greeting us on the Tokyo-themed floor...how cute*


*how come i'm not changing to superman??? i mean superwoman?*

*posting my huge letter into the huge red postbox...hoping santa will return me a huge gift for christmas*

*the passage way to the toilet in the London-themed level*

i know there are alot of toilet shots but i think the toilet which fascinates me the most is the Roman-themed one. i didn't manage to take a snapshot of every details in every floor cause i was too hungry and all i could think of is food. Lunch was at Coco Ichibanya. We were captivated by the aroma of the Japanese Curry. Yummy.

*mushroom and omelette curry*

*fried meat cutlet with cheese and additional boiled egg with curry sauce*

after lunch we took the BTS to Siam Paragon where we spent less than an hour and headed to MBK to get my iphone bling cover. there were so many choices which made me so indecisive. but i finally chose this one instead cause it's not too overly bling and i love PINK.

we got so tired of shopping and since it was still early so we decided to catch a show at the cinema. watched the movie 'Battleship'. More about the movie in my next blogpost.

*our complimentary drink*

*cheers to our companion*

*cheers to a lovely and fruitful trip*

went on board the next early flight back home...Bangkok is a great place to shop for cheap stuffs but if you expecting more of high-end stuffs then Singapore or Hongkong will be a better shopping paradise.

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