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Wednesday, May 02, 2012Y

Battleship, i'm not talking about the board game, it's the movie which i am going to be blogging about. it's really cool how those producers can come up with a movie based on a board game made by Hasbro.
well it's not the first board game tat actually made into movies, if not mistaken, Cluedo was the first game which was made. So wat's next? Monopoly perhaps?
we watched Battleship in a cinema in MBK Shopping Mall in Bangkok cause we were quite tired but we didn't wanna waste the nite away in Bangkok doing nothing so decided to catch a movie instead. Thais are really patriotic, they even hav their 'king's song' play before the movie started. initially, we didn't know it was a 'respected' song. however, we soon saw people starting up so we followed as well. till today i hav no idea wat song was actually being played. all i know it features the current king. One thing i hate about watching movies in Thailand is cause of the long duration of advertisements being played. The movie was supposed to start at 8.30 but it only started at 8.50 cause of all the advertisements which are being played.

Well this is a typical human vs alien movie but in this installment it's human's battleship vs the alien's technologically-advanced warship which is humongous. the movie began with NASA discovery of a planet which is almost similar to our earth so they sent signals over to the planet hoping that they will get a reply from the aliens but unfortunately not only did they get a reply, they got an alien invasion.
i shall not elaborate more on the movie. don wanna spoil the fun.

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