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Saturday, May 12, 2012Y

Participated in the intercompany bowling competition which is gonna be held from 20th to 27th may. I'm not a great bowler or should I say I'm a beginner. So today I seek help from my hb to improve my skills in bowling. My aim is to get at least 80 points cause it was stated in the rules Tat in the absence of the participant, they will give the group 80 points by default. Unfortunately, I only manage to score 66 points max in today's game. Omg!! I really need more practice!!
Celebrate a pre-mother's day at buccaneers jus now. It was full house there and it was lucky Tat I actually book two weeks in advance. I know I'm very 'kiasu'. The food was jus okie. Nothing too great cause I guess they are jus not prepared for the large number of customers. They should hav set menu or buffet instead which will be easier to control. Anyways, wishing all mothers an advance happy mother's day.


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