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Friday, May 18, 2012Y
~*busy busy Friday*~

Tremendously busy Friday not cause of work but jus a very eventful day. Had a farewell lunch for my colleague, Raymond at the millennium restaurant this afternoon. Nothing special about the food there but I'm really surprised Tat they serve lotus root with chicken soup for their buffet. Lotus root soup is my favorite Chinese soup. I would choose this soup over a bowl of 'Buddha jump over the wall' or 'shark fins' soup. But this one still lack of certain taste like pork bone n dried cuttlefish. The best lotus root soup Tat I've tasted is the one which is cooked by auntie blesi during my days in rimba.

Took half day off to attend the treasure hunt briefing at jis with Karen. It must hav been at least 6 years or more since we last stepped foot in jis. Really miss those days there. Miss the times hanging out in S Block and in the commonroom during tutorial or jus spending an afternoon swimming in the gym pool. Oh well, those were the days. There were quite a huge number of participants for the treasure hunt. We saw like at least 200 cars participating for it. The auditorium was almost full during the briefing session. Luckily we attending the briefing. There r so many things which we wouldn't know if we didn't attend this. Well some tips were actually given to us as to how the questions should be solved. The questions were quite hard so all we could do now is relax n enjoy the day. Not like we r expecting to be getting anything from the race. It's the participation Tat counts.

We were given good bags. I love the tshirt Tat was given to us. Really cute. It ha a silhouette of mickey's body at the neckline. Other goodies include the water bottle, sun cap, etc. Can't wait for the treasure hunt!!

Then my parents came up to exchange cars with me cause I needed a camry for the Nbt treasure hunt. Then we went to the new restaurant Modesto bistro & grill for dinner. Actually I went there yesterday for lunch d. Found the place quite decent n so I thought it will be a nice place to bring my parents n hb there too. They quite enjoy the food n ambience there. Which is a good thing. This means we hav one more place to add to our 'places to go for dinner' list.

*our main courses, beautifully garnished *

After dinner we headed to Gadong to look for the cover for my mum's new samsung note. Finally she got the samsung note from bmobile with a nice number too. The number which I've always wanted for a long long time. The samsung note was really a good purchase. I quite enjoy using it cause the interface is jus so clear. I would think it's really better than my iPhone. The samsung can even play my Facebook flashgames!! How amazing!! Something which I think will be of good use when I'm so desperate for my sims social game. But I think I'll wait for iphone5 first to see of it's better than samsung s3 else I'll jus say bye to iPhone n welcome to the samsung world. There are a couple of samsung phones which I used to like but Nvr got it like the blue-i and t500. Could find the blue-i handphone. But at least I manage to find the t-500. I like this phone cause of the diamanté around the analogue clock on the cover of the phone. Why I didn't get it? Cause I was a loyal nokia user back then n the fact Tat samsung phones were not as user friendly as nokia phones.
Got to rest early n hoping I'll hav the mood tomorrow to study for my upcoming exam n to store energy for my hsbc marathon tomorrow nite.

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