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Thursday, May 31, 2012Y
~*Cuti-Cuti Malaysia: Day 1*~

When someone says Brunei is small, u really hav to believe it. The moment I stepped inside the departure hall I met Gavin d. Then saw ah hong. I thought he left for Korea d. Didn't know he's taking the same flight with me. Then saw Ya Jun, our support from Huawei n my uni-mate, David.

I'm seriously glad Tat we hav the whole three seats to ourself. U know how this is booked? I booked the first n third seats so hoping Tat one will get the middle seat. Well this is of course if u r lucky enough. Its like placing a bet. Booking the meal in advance is a good choice cause i really don wanna starve myself before reaching kl.
It's really a good thing Tat I ate. Else i will be famished by my dinner time. Here's the story why...
We landed around 6ish. Slightly delayed though then we had to take a taxi from lcct to klia. We thought it was quite near but it felt like we travelled a distance from kuala belait to sg.liang. Arrived at the car rental place at klia. We were given an option whether should we get a gps or jus depend on the google map. Since we r not the driver nor the navigator, we r not gonna comment about Tat. With or without it is fine with us. If we get lost it's an adventure anyways. So yes, we didn't get the gps which I think was one of the mistakes we made.
*waiting for all the documentations to be done before we could get the car*

*mish busy with her phone*

Driving from klia to a few km from bkt bintang was pretty easy. Michelle is a great navigator. I won't be able to navigate like her but then google maps are jus not as detailed for Malaysia maps as compared to USA ones. We wanted to get to the publika to meet up with Stef n michelle's frens. Then we hit this roundabout which we turned three times n still ended up in the wrong exit. So we gave up. We thought we got lost but before we knew it, we were already approaching piccolo hotel. So we return to our original plan which was to get to the hotel first.

The hotel's arrangement is really special. They hav an island in the middle with the basin! The arrangement is jus so special. Let the picture speaks for itself. I was telling my hb Tat it will be nice to hav a nice design like Tat for our room.

With the help of michelle's frens, we finally managed to arrive at publika to meet up with Stef, Fiona, Fong, Feli and Aleen. The time was 10ish n we were the last customers to leave the premises.

*boobie tree as described by Stef*

The nite is always still early if it's anything before 12, then we head to the nearest pub called 'the bee'. Gossips n gossips we shared. Great nite out with the peeps. Yet another adventure up ahead for us. Malacca here we come!!

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