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Thursday, May 31, 2012Y
~*Cuti-Cuti Malaysia: Day 2*~

Our initial plan was to start our journey to malacca at 10 o'clock but then who can resist the temptation around lot 10 n pavilion?! So we rescheduled our journey to 1pm instead so we can hav some time shopping and hav our lunch before we head off to the malacca.
Luck is on our side today, well more like it's on Benji n mish's sides cause they manage to get us to malacca in less than 2 hours while we zzz all the way in the comfort of the car. Checked into the Venus boutique hotel, the lobby looks promising but the rooms r really small.
We wanted to go try the 'Satay celup'. But only to find out Tat it's actually something like 'lok lok' in Penang whereby the satays will be dipped in a hot pot of sauce which is gonna be shared by other people. Pretty unhygienic.
Drove to jongker street n was looking for a nice place to hav late lunch. We were trying to look for the best Chicken rice ball. Saw this famous hongkie celeb advertising for this formosa chicken rice shop. So decided to hop in to try it out. But ended up in pure disappointment.
So disappointed Tat I really wanna write a full review on how shitty the shop is. After the disappointing meal, we went to search for the 88 dessert shop for the cendol which was highly recommended. The durian cendol was great!! Though I'm not a cendol type of person but then this is superb. So great Tat we r planning to go there to try it again tomorrow. Yummy!!! The combination of gula melaka n durian paste is jus perfect!!!
Walked our way up to the unesco heritage red buildings. The weather was great with no blazing sun. All was cloudy n perfect for nice picture-taking.
Was hunting for a nice nyonya restaurant n ending up choosing the 'nyonya makko' cause it has good reviews in four square.
This mouth-watering platter ranging from the traditional 'pong teh' to the unique 'lemak nanas' and scores of other delightfully tempting offerings developed from bibik nyong's original and traditional recipes, are all divinely unique in quality, taste, flavor, texture and aroma. Ordered their famous pong teh, fried egg with chincalok, Assam fish, sambal tumis sotong and tauhu makko. The food is not bad n the prices are reasonable too. Worth going again.
Tats not the end of our food hunting of the day in malacca. Our final stop of the day before we head back to the hotel is go look for a place for dessert. Nadeje it is. They r famous Mille crepe. We ordered the original crepe and the pralin crepe. It's really really nice. N I tried this really colorful drink. Lovers in Paris.

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