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Thursday, May 17, 2012Y
~*Dark Shadows*~

i've always been a great fan of vampires, weird characters and weird creepy families so i seldom missed out movies like The Addams Family, Twilight, Underworld, etc. this dark shadows was of no exceptions. since it was Tim Burton movies so i was anticipating it to be something weird, creepy, funny and a movie filled with loads of emotions like the movie Edward Scissorhand. i really love tat movie. till now the screenshots of the movie still lingers in my head like the ending scene whereby Edward was trapped inside the castle creating snow from his ice sculptures.

The movie Dark Shadows is based on an American gothic soap opera which was aired in n late 60s named Dark Shadows as well but it was starred by Jonathan Frid, the original Barnabas Collins. Jonathan also appeared as a cameo in the movie, Dark Shadows.

*this is Jonathan's last appearance in movies, he passed away on April 2012*

The movie begins in a mellow setup which then turned to a rather comical genre when Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) was released from the coffin. Barnabas Collins, is an aristocratic man whose life dates back to 196 years to be exact. Unfortunately, the movie didn't match our expectations. we expected it to be funnier and the movie itself was quite messy. leaving quite a number of pot holes which are required to be filled. i was expecting the family to be weird like The Addams family but then i guess the movie didn't really build the characters well enough, characters would depict a creepy yet shallow personality. i don even know how carolyn turned to a werewolf. it was jus briefly mentioned by Angelique and tat's it. i donno whether will there will be a sequel cause towards the end it seems like there are still alot of stories which are left untold.


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