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Wednesday, May 23, 2012Y
~*Fish & Co.: one bite & you're hooked*~

Fish & Co. finally open its doors in CitiSquare, Brunei. It's actually a franchise from Singapore. Honestly, this is the first time i've tried Fish & Co. cause normally if i were to opt for fishy dishes, i will go to Manhattan Fish Market instead. Fish & Co. has never crossed my mind. so this time it's worth a try cause i'm always a fan of seafood but too bad they do not serve crab there. Fish & Co. serves all food in a unique Mediterranean style which is in a pan! According to them, this is an inspiration which is drawm from the simple practices in South African fisherman; who caught seafood fresh from the seas and cooked them immediately in the pan. thus this method of presenting freshly cooked fish & seafood meals will further enhance the relaxed, friendly and engaging environment which the founders have set out to achieve.

the menu is really captivating, we alot of different types of seafood like mussels, king prawns, cod fish, etc. we were so spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing from a huge variety of dishes presented in the menu. we opted for those award-winning dishes like the fish & chip and the mussels and some king prawns.
*our add-on drinks: Kola Tonic & Passion Fruit Juice*

*mushroom soup with warm bread*

the mushroom soup is really chunky but then it has this bitterly taste which i don't really enjoy. as for the bread i will think it taste good when dipped in the mushroom soup too but of course it tasted even better when dipped in the mussel's lemon butter sauce.

*Blue mussels cooked in their homemade garlic lemon butter sauce n served with warm bread*
look how pretty they are as if they are singing in a choir. okies jus my wide imagination.

*New York fish n chips which is actually fish n chips with generous Parmesan cheese stuffing topped with lemon butter sauce*

my hb was complaining that it's jus too oily. but the taste of the fish is nice jus tat i think if we were to order this, we will ask for less oil.
*baked king prawns with ebiko*

was abit disappointed with the paella which was served. but look at the king prawns!! it's really huge. it's really king. the king prawns are butterflied and baked with ebiko roe and mozzarella cheese. yummy. how i wish they can bake it with mentaiko. even yummier.
*bon appetite*


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