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Monday, May 28, 2012Y
~*i need a holiday...*~

so looking forward to end of the month where i can hav my 'cuti-cuti west malaysia'. gonna be visiting places like malacca and kuantan. not my first time going to malacca though but then kuatan is really a foreign land for me. nvr would i hav imagined that i'll be going to kuantan, definitely not a place on my list. well, we will be going there to attend a fren's wedding so at least it's a good reason, else i don even think i'll ever make a trip there.

i know i should be at least studying for my exams now but then seriously not in the mood. all i wan now is a break from all these network terminology. all those NAT, protocol analyzer, OSI layers (All People Seem To Need Data Processing) , TCP/UDP port numbers (e.g. port 23: think of Michael Jordan 23, he is Tall -> hence T so port 23 stands for Telnet; i know this is such a stupid analogy) are driving me crazy. can't wait to get this over and done with. there are so many pending blog posts which i need to blog about like the HSBC treasure hunt which i think will be a very delayed post.

okies, let's not talk about my exams now cause the reason why i am blogging now is to hav a short break from my so-called study time...recently there are quite a number of new restaurants tat are being opened like the Fish & Co., Savy's Brasserie, Chatterbox, and two more which i wana try (a shabu shabu restaurant in Times Square and a pasta shop in Citis Square). it's great to hav new restaurants opening so tat i don hav to think of where to eat. to please bring more franchise to brunei!!! a burger king will be really great...really miss the mushroom swiss burger...


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