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Monday, May 14, 2012Y
~*Instant Mini 25*~

Hav been researching on instant cameras and there are jus so many in the market. but for me, the camera has to fulfill the following criterias:
1) there must be a hello kitty indication somewhere on the camera
2) pink
see my criterias are so simple. at first i was looking at the mini7s. i hav no freaking idea there are so many different type of instant cameras out there!
this was the first one which i hooked my eyes onto. such a pretty angel.
However, i then found out tat there are another type of instant camera called Instant Mini 25. which is sort of like an upgraded version of the Mini 7.

The Instant Mini 25 differs from the Instant Mini 7 by making it more automated for you! Gone are the days of manual work, now you can just relax shoot! With its smaller and lighter design, its also less hassle to carry it around! Instax Mini 25/Fuji Cheki 25 adds an additional shutter button for vertical or horizontal shooting, a rudimentary range finder, two focus modes, a programmed electronic shutter, intelligent flash, and even an LCD counter of the available shots.

Key Features

- Self potrait mirror

- Intelligent flash

- Automatic exposures

- 2 different shutter release for portrait and landscape shots.

- LED screen displays your film counter too!

So, then i browse further to look for a Mini 25 with hello kitty on it. Finally found this one. this is the only one which is hello-kitty themed. it doesn't look as nice as the Mini 7 one though. But i really wanted a light-weight one. not one which looks like a brick. so i guess this is settled. THIS IS IT!
*FUJIFILM - Fuji Instax Mini 25 Hello Kitty Instant Camera*

Now for the films. there are so many cute films which can be purchased. i WAN THEM ALL. OMG. so cute. especially the Winnie the Pooh one.
there are so many accessories to equip to the camera. the miffy pens are one of the many things which i will wanna get when i hav the camera. i hav always love color pens. still remember back during my school days i used to hav a pencil case full of color pens and jus one blue pen. ranging from all the milky colors, to glittery colors and neon ones too. so this one is really a must-buy accessory.

muahz & hugz
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