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Sunday, May 13, 2012Y
~*mother's day celebration 2012*~

This year mother's day dinner was held in seasons restaurant. i think we went to seasons last year for mother's day too but we were the only table. so luckily their business is much better than last years. Food was not Tat great but it's the great company Tat counts.
*me and my child-hood fren, Jasmine*

Wishing both mothers a Happy Mother's Day... how they hav brought us up. Auntie Ang is like a mother to me too. She was a very close family fren even before i was even born.

Now I'm contemplating whether should I get a Polaroid camera for myself cause it's jus so cute to hav one. If I wanna get which color do I opt for? Pink or white?
i know i haven't been writing a long post for a long time. it has always been short posts lately. been too busy with everything...will try to update more next week. but i guess tomorrow will jus be another busy day cause i haven't been in office for the whole of last week. nitez to all...

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