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Tuesday, May 22, 2012Y
~*the night of the WRC*~

can you imagine more than 10k participants all present at the Taman Hj Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddien? lucky for us we don't hav to take the free shuttle bus service which was provided else we will hav to be there freakingly early and loitering around Pusat Bandar. i saw some people parked their cars near the Taman Jubilee in Pusak Ulak and walked all the way. crazy k. it's like a pre-marathon of at least 5km.

*us upon arrival*

upon arrival, we saw so many mascots, those participants all dressed up in thor, iron man hulk, spongebob characters, batman, robin, u name it they almost hav it. but i really donno how they can stand running in tat thick clothing. i think i suffocate myself if i hav to even get into the costume for 5 mins. (sorrie for the blurry photos, blame the camera not me)

*some people even dressed as bride and groom, how imaginative*

despite the huge crowd, we still manage to bump into some frens. some of them whom i haven't seen for at least 5 years or so.
*nel & me*

if you are wondering why am i dressed as though i look like a farmer. well it's my failed attempt in cosplay then. it's actually a charter from 'one piece' called 'monkey d. luffy'. freakily hav no idea who he is but i saw Kevin holding it and thought it was quite cute i borrowed it from him to take a pic with it.
*epic failure 'one piece' shot*

*kev and hb*

i was hoping tat i could meet some random frens who are willing to walk the 2km with me cause i really don wanna waste my energy walking the 6km with my hb as i know i hav to conserve energy for the treasure hunt. left with no choice, i had to join the 6km instead. the only motivation during the whole race was the water stop every 1.5km. so tat i know after 3 water stops, it will be 6km d. the only biggest achievement i had for the whole nite was drinking 3 cans of revive throughout the 6km claiming that i need to replenish the energy lost for every 1.5km.
*where's weinnie?*

finally!! took us 1hr and 1min to complete the race but the certificate given to us was rather disappointing. it was jus a piece of paper whereby we hav to fill in our names ourself. i think it will be nice if they could do it like how SCB does it. while waiting for uncle ang to come pick us up, we went to michelle's booth to play some shooting game and obviously i didn't win anything. i'm jus not tat good tat aiming. and those nerf guns are jus not so user-friendly.

the mr lucky, wilson, won the lucky draw again. he always wins lucky draws at events. really wonder why he is always so lucky, i think it's cause he's a new year baby :)
*so happy with his laneige gift*

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