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Thursday, May 10, 2012Y
~*one more day to go*~

Finally with jus one more day to go for the network+ course. Really hectic course. Starts from 8-12 n 1.30-5. So tired. It's even worst than uni time cause at least uni u can skip class but this one u can't. Though it's really useful and at least I get to learn n understand more about networks. Tunneling, port mirroring, n ten thousand network protocols to memorize for the exam.

My preparation for the whole day, reason why I need a portable charger because the computer jus won't recognize my iPhone cause iTunes was not installed in it. The aircon was blazing cold n hence the scarf which I bought from Bangkok. Pretty in pink.
Been writing non stop during the lessons for three days till my right hand hurts so bad. I Donno why didnt I ever think of typing it out instead. Only today then I thought of using the computer to type out Wat the trainer says instead. Brilliant! My coursemates are all waiting for my notes d.

Jus got another book for the course. I think I spoke too soon saying Tat lawyers' books r so thick. But look at this. We hav to finish this one by tomorrow. Omg. Really need to sleep early.


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