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Sunday, May 27, 2012Y
~*samsung note: part 2*~

i'm really pretty amazed with samsung note now. i knew tat they can play flash games but i hav nvr tried it before so today i tried to login to the game which i am currently quite addicted to...the Marvel Avengers...using my mum's note. so my amazed...it really loads n i am able to play it. abit laggy though but i'm not complaining cause i can't even load the game on my iphone...stupid iphone. i think i've made up my mind...if the iPhone5 doesn't amaze me with any new additional features then i'm for sure going to change to Samsung...the colors on the display screen is jus stunning. when i compare my mum's phone with mine. i feel my phone is jus plain and simple. downloading application with the note is as easy as ABC. i don need to type an authentication, all i need to do is jus to press the download button. isn't tat easy? saves alot of time. the background is animated too. so nice. Samsung has always been famous for their beautiful display screens. and you know wat's the best thing which i've found. they even hav the 4x3 keypads for us to message so we don hav to use the qwerty keypad. it'll be so easy to type with the 4x3 IF you are driving. i know it's illegal to do tat but i'm sure most of you will sometimes tend to message while driving rite? i'm pretty satisfied with the samsung note at the moment so please APPLE, please come up with a phone which is better or as good as samsung note so that i can still stick with u...


muahz & hugz
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