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Thursday, May 24, 2012Y
~*Savy's Brasserie @ Mabohai Complex*~

Savy's Brasserie has always been a restaurant that we love to go too but we usually opt for senja instead because it's so hard to find a parking in Pusat Bandar. Savy's Brasserie is a restaurant of our sentimental value cause it's the first place where both of us had our first meal together. so finally they opened a branch in Mabohai Complex. which was great cause at least it's easier to find parking there. Located at the top floor of Mabohai Complex, Savy's Brasserie is jus next to the Toy R' Us.

Frankly speaking, there aren't much choices in the menu available for us to choose, however we are sure each dish has got its standard. hb wanted some comfort food so he opted for the macaroni and a cheese fondue as an appetizer while i was on my 'dieting' scheme so i wanted something light hence i chose a bowl of soup and a salad.

*my hearty bowl of signature french onion soup with herbs with mozzarella and swiss gruyere cheese*

*our little swiss fondue, jalapeno cheddar and swiss emmental fondue*

super love the cheesy taste with hint of spiciness. the homemade fries tasted abit plain but when dipped into the fondue it's jus perfect. the italian foccacia bread is a good match with the fondue too.
*my salad - crab meat, pamelo and grape salad with parmesan mayonnaise*

i love the freshness of the veggies which they use for the salad. the crab meat is really crab meat, not those frozen crab stick and the pamelo is sweet and does not hav a bittery after taste. you won't believe it, for the grapes, they even took out the seeds! perfectly nice.

*5 cheese macaroni and beef bacaon with fresh rosemary, garlic toast, and creamy carbonara sauce*

i think my hb is having cheese overload yesterday nite. with the cheese fondue and the 5 cheese macaroni. if only he could finish the meal with a piece of cheese cake.
*vanilla bean creme brulee: melange of mixed berries*

i know i am supposed to hav a diet but then who can resist the creme brulee. i'm a big fan of the creme brulee in savy's. wat a perfect way to finish a dinner...


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