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Friday, May 25, 2012Y
~*wilson's farewell*~

It's another colleague's farewell, well he's actually my school mate back in JIS. He's gonna be continuing his studies. A few of my frens are also pursuing for further studies. Really so envious. Wished I could do the same too. But I don think I'm prepared to be committed to studies.

Back to the farewell, we went to fish & co. My second time there this week. It's still so packed with people. Felt like as though I'm eating in a canteen.
*poor Roberto having to scoop out the chicken in his salad cause the gang is having this detox thing going on till June 2nd and they are only allowed to eat veggies and fruits*

*fried anchovies ( forgot the name) but it's very crispy and nice. we even ordered another portion*

*my king prawn and white fish with mash potato and coleslaw*

*i think there is some sexual harassment going on here cause Syukri wanted to give Wilson a farewell kiss. but not quite successful*

*kissing failed -> hence jus a photo will do*

*the blue mussels*

Met gabby n joanna there too. I guess this is a 'must-go' restaurant for Brunei peeps. so full after the lunch but then i still insist to go to Airport Mall for the Mochi yogurt. Manage to get another portable charger there. Hav been looking for a nice one for quite sometimes cause my old one died and the one my hb has is jus too inconvenient for me.
*my pinky-batt*

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