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Sunday, May 06, 2012Y
~*yet another weekend*~

Wasn't a very happening weekend but at least I manage to meet up with amelia, chan n his Gf for brunch at country patch. There's something gross which happened but then I didn't hav time to react n take a picture of it. As usual I will order the breakfast set n I chose Milo then after I finished my set I was stirring the Milo then I found a dead housefly in it. I immediately called the waitress over n she took the Milo away. Of course apologies was made but i don blame the restaurant cause the doors are not closed n so houseflies will fly in n one tipsy one must hav landed into my hot drink when it was served to me.

Anywayz, me and ame was sharing our shopping experience in Bangkok. Hers was really more happening than mine. While she was shopping in platinum fashion mall, there was a mini bomb which exploded in the building next to it. But there wasn't any major mishap. Then when she went to chatuchak market, her longchamp tote got cut by the blade but luckily she things r still inside the bag cause the blade was not shape enough to cut a bigger hole. Phew. Lucky all these things didn't happen to me. Despite all these dangerous happenings she still wans to go Bangkok again. Well who wouldn't. The shopping there for cheap fashionable stuffs are excellent. Girls can go to a very far extent when it comes to shopping.

Finally we got to up with chan's Gf whom we hav heard about but hav never seen her. Surprisingly she's into manicures n cute stuff as well. Here r the two nail art design which she shared with me so i can hav this designs done on my next manicure appointment.
Then we were as usual gossiping all the way but too bad we did not hav ample time to share more stories. As for today, my hb has been really busy working while I was being quite productive at home. Did so much task which r pending for so long.
Yup. Here I am typing this blog post while my hb is being busy with his work. This is the first time I've ever been up to his office after being together for so long. It's really nice to hav a feel of Wat environment he is working in. I'm asking him to ignore me as though I'm of non-existence cause I don wan him to be distracted. I guess he's doing a pretty good job at the ignorance. Why r law books all so thick??!!


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