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Tuesday, June 05, 2012Y
~*14-days B.Fit Workout*~

i donno how i actually ended up having to join the workout for 14-days straight. our plan was jus going there and see wat training the B.Fit team hav to do and jus gonna try out a few of the exercises for fun but now we ended up having to attend all the events for the next 14 days. OMG. we have a really tight schedule here...yesterday nite we did BMI checking and GYM safety orientation. there will be water aerobics, hiking, core training class, abdominal training w/equipment, stretching and yoga, sunrise yoga, healthy shopping tour, mixed impact, zumba, body combat, etc. all packed in 14 days. i really hope i can get through all these training alive.

but yesterday nite's BMI checking was quite fun, jus found out tat my metabolic age is 19 years old. not bad. i thought i'll be having a body of a 30 years old. so meaning i'm still a teenager both physically and mentally i guess.


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