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Saturday, June 09, 2012Y
~*B.Fit: Day 5*~

I know recently I've been so busy with writing blog cause I'm jus so exhausted from all the b.fit activities Tat has been going on throughout the week. There was good news and bad news yesterday. Good news is the b.fit will only be going on for 12 days not the 14 days as planned. But the bad news is Tat we hav to squeeze in all the planned activities Tat we need to do next weekend to this Saturday n Sunday instead. Hence this morning we had to do les Mille training and circuit training n in the afternoon we had to do walking around the national stadium under the hot sun. Luckily I'm smart enough to utilize the umbrella else I think I'm be so tanned d. I passed on the water aerobics but tomorrow is going to be hectic with yoga at 6am in muara and hiking in the afternoon. Time to sign off and rest for tomorrow. 6 more days!!!

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