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Tuesday, June 12, 2012Y
~*B.Fit: Day 8*~

This is the most relaxing day of the B.Fit program and the most stressing one too cause today is the BMI testing day again. We had our first BMI test last monday and hence they wanna do another test the following week to know our progression after a week of torturing exercises.

i was quite disappointed with the results cause despite the tons of sweat which i lost, but my weight still remains the same. i only gained 0.1 in terms of muscle mass and i lost 0.2 body fat. well maybe it's cause of the short span of exercise which we did. maybe if it was going on for a month then i could hav lost more weight *self-motivation*.

today we are going to be doing more cardio training. i bet this week will going to be worst than the previous week cause this week they will not treat us as beginners anymore. *sweats* 4 more days to go!!!


muahz & hugz
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