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Monday, June 11, 2012Y
~*birthday dinner at Modesto*~

To celebrate Ginny's 31st birthday, we went to Modesto for dinner. It was my third time there. Our initial plan was to go to Mangrove resort but then due to time limitation and the fact tat everyone was jus so tired after the B.fit exercise, we had to opt for another venue which was nearer and hence Modesto. The ambiance is Modesto is good but then their food is jus not up for it. i really think they should show some improvements on their food. but their staff named Donna was nice enough to give us a private room with a private toilet too. how cool is tat?
*very nicely decorated by the staffs of Modesto. luckily they reconfirmed my booking else it will be 'happy birthday Ginny, Germany Ireland Norway Norway Y'! cause i think they thought i was so into Eurocup tat i wanna put the name of the countries there. little do they know that i told them it's Germany Ireland Norway Norway Y cause i wan to make sure they got the spelling of G.I.N.N.Y correctly.*
*see how empty the table was...reason?! cause i was the earliest! rubber time!*

*me and the birthday girl*
*de guys*

*the super chocolaty, chocolate cake*
*one of the thousands of photos which was taken by Roberto*

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