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Thursday, June 28, 2012Y
~*communicasia expo: 1st day*~

The Communicasia is an annual trade exhibition tat is being held for 4 days, 19-22 June at the Marina Bay Sands. The event comprises into two parts, there's the one with an enormous trade exhibition booths and there's the conference which consists of panels, speakers and workshops.
It was a good thing that our hotel rooms were located within walking distance else i really donno how are we going to be walking around the fair whole day carrying those freebies and in my killer heels. we started our morning with breakfast at the 'Rise'.

*view from 7th floor*

Rise is really crowded in the morning but they hav a huge selection of food, be it bread, dim sum, omelette, honey baked ham (my favourite), pastries, fruits, congees, etc. Basically, it's a 'you name it, they have it' breakfast buffet.

after the scrumptious breakfast we headed to the convention center where the exhibition is held. we will need to register ourselves first before we can gain access to the exhibition as the first two days of the exhibition is not opened to the public.
*my pass after the registration*

we have 4 floors to cover, which were all filled with exhibitors booths. spent the rest of the day there and had our late lunch at kraze burger.
*my K.B. Burger*

after our quick lunch, we head back to the exhibition to continue looking at the new technologies till around 5ish when our feet can no longer carry ourselves so we head to a cafe called 'high society' for some cakes. before tat i made a pitstop to Guardian to cause my feet hurts so badly. there were 3 big bruisers under my left feet.

i really can't tolerate the pain d and wat's worst is that i hav to tolerate myself in those killer heels of mine for another 2 more days. OMG. unimaginable. luckily the cakes in high society are able to cheer me up abit.
*me and the birthday girl*

i was hoping my cakes will digest immediately cause we had to attend a company dinner at 7.30 in the LongBeach Restaurant at Demsey Rd. LongBeach is always one of my favourites but then this particular one wasn't tat great. not sure why. jus felt that the food there was jus okie, maybe it's cause i'm jus missing someone in particular hence the tasteless meal.

coincidentally, both Teena's and Han Kee's birthday is jus a day's apart so we got a cake to celebrate both their birthdays together. some of them went for durian feast after dinner, while we headed back to MBS to rest after the long tiring day. i still need the shopping therapy which has yet to be achieved...

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